Category: Local and State Legislation

Utah HB 187

This bill establishes the crime of agricultural operation interference. Provides that a person is guilty of agricultural operation interference if the person records an image of, or sound from, an agricultural operation under certain circumstances; and establishes penalties. Bill Information…

Tennessee HB 3620

Creates a new misdemeanor offense for a person who applies for employment with the intent to cause economic damage to the employer by recording on the premises of the employer and releasing such recordings to a third party. Bill Information

Nebraska LB 915

Change provisions relating to animal cruelty and create the offense of obtaining employment at an animal facility with intent to disrupt operations. Bill Information

Massachusetts SB 1706

This bill seeks to ban the use of certain elephant training tools, including the elephant guide (or ankus) and tethers. If this bill is passed into law, it would prevent Ringling Bros. and other circuses from visiting Massachusetts by preventing the…

Illinois SB 3274

Creates the Dangerous Animals Act of 2012. Identifies a class of animals that qualify as dangerous animals. Provides that a person must hold a Dangerous Animal Permit or a Limited Entry Permit to possess a dangerous animal in the State.…