Cooling Off

This from our members from CA – Have Trunk Will Travel


This is how the Have Trunk Will Travel elephants keep cool on hot Perris afternoons.  They get their regular bath and scrubbing to get clean every morning.  When it’s hot they either play in the hose or we make a mud wallow for them in the afternoons.  We always cool down the barn with the giant swamp cooler and the elephants again before they go in for the evening.  (Don’t even ask about the water bill.)  In the summer we do most of the exercising and practicing early mornings and evenings and they just hang out in the shade in the heat of the day.  Becky and Kitty are at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar through the 4th of July.  They don’t have to worry about getting too hot.  The weather by the beach is beautiful and cool.