The Famous Oscar Selfie Nets HSUS $1.5 million!

The rest of the story of the Oscar selfie. We’ve long known Ellen Degeneres was an animal rights activists, many of you may still watch the Oscars with her hosting, even it you didn’t you likely saw the famous selfie. Well Samsung was so elated at the publicity that this garnered that they are donated $3 million to charities of Ellen’s choice, one of which is the Humane Society of the United States. Well folks, time to say no one more time to anything Ellen is involved with including her talk show, products she endorses and Samsung and the Oscars. Thinking of getting electronics, say heck no to anything Samsung if they have $1.5 million for the animal rights group, they sure don’t need our business! Make sure when purchasing you tell the folks why and post on your social media afterward!


Article about the Donation:

More info on Ellen and animal rights, her interview with HSUS’ head fundraiser Wayne Pacelle

The TRUTH about the Humane Society of the United States:

You could “like” Samsung’s page long enough to comment, then unlike after it has been posted!