Action Alert: Hawaii Bill to ban wild or exotic animal performance

Hawaii HB 1012: oppose the proposed ban on wild or exotic animal performances

The Hawaii state legislature is considering House Bill 1012, which would prohibit the display or performance of live wild or exotic animals in the state.  In the bill text (see attached), the sponsor refers to an isolated incident from 20 years ago to claim that all wild or exotic animals used for commercial display are subject to extreme stress and inhumane treatment.

HI HB 1012 will go before the Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee for a hearing on Wednesday, February 11, at 2:30PM PST.  Please take a moment to contact the members of the Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee with a short e-mail, phone call, or FAX.  Politely express your opposition to a ban on wild and exotic displays and performances, and urge the Committee members to vote NO on HB 1012.  Sample talking points for your reference are listed at the end of this alert, but please use your own words and your own experiences as a circus animal supporter in your remarks.

Link to Circus Fans of America Webpage with full info

Hawaii Legislature Page on the Bill