What You Need to Know About the Proposed Changes to the Horse Protection Act

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It has come to our attention that the Proposed Changes to the Horse Protection Act  could have far reaching and undesirable consequences. While we at Equestrian Professional are vehemently opposed to the practice of soring (and other practices found in the “Big Lick”  sector of the Tennessee Walking Horse community),  we have grave concerns about how the rule change the USDA is proposing could affect many other breeds and disciplines.

This is not a law that can be voted on. However, there is a way you can make your voice heard. The following article has been graciously provided by Kari Hester, CEN and Corry Key, DVM.  Included in this article are comments from a variety of equestrian associations, veterinarians, farriers, The American Horse Council and the United States Equestrian Federation.  These folks have done a good job gathering this information for you. Please take the time to read it. It is important.  

Research Regarding the Use of Pads & Weighted Shoes:
A Response to the Proposed Changes to the Horse Protection Act

By Kari Hester, CEN & Corry Key, DVM


Due to the USDA’s proposed changes to the Horse Protection Act, much controversy has developed over the use of pads and weighted shoes used in shoeing packages for the high-trotting breed Saddleseat disciplines (i.e. Saddlebreds, Arabians, National Show Horses, Morgans, Hackneys, etc.). Countless people have claimed that the use of these applications produce false, manufactured motion, causing horses to move in “unnatural” ways that cause them stress.

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