The Animal Welfare Council members support the use of animals in recreation, entertainment, industry and sport. AWC is dedicated to advancing the responsible and humane use of animals in these activities.

Membership Benefits

  • Weekly issues updates – Provided via email, these updates keep members abreast of news regarding animal welfare issues and pertinent legislation.
  • Speakers – Members of the Animal Welfare Council can address workshops, conventions,symposiums and meetings on a variety of animal welfare related topics.
  • Inter-industry networking -Members of AWC can network through email and fax on a variety of issues and can create immediate response to negative press articles, legislation of concern or other pressing animal issues of member organizations.
  • Public education -AWC strives to educate the public with facts about animal care within membership organizations.

Animal Welfare Council Member Animal Welfare Standards and Position Statements

All member organizations must submit animal welfare standards to the Animal Welfare Council before being accepted as a member of the council.

Membership Brochure

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